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Costa Rica Travel Guide for Group Trips ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ท

Plan an easy trip to Costa Rica using my itinerary. Even if you don't follow this verbatim, pull ideas from below.

Read more to find out

  • Where to stay

  • What to pack

  • What to do

Where to Stay

The housing was the hardest part of the trip to plan. When having multiple people with different tastes and levels of comfort, finding an accomdation for almost 20 people was tough. Luckily, I found an all-inclusive resort that we decided would be perfect.

The Hotel Rui Guanacaste, Costa Rica is where we stayed. I have a mixed review about the resort.

The first thing I noticed was that the rooms were very antique and there was no air conditioning there. The plus is that the rooms are very clean, the bar is fully stocked with free drinks, and you aren't in your room that much anyway.

The only time we came back to the rooms as to change and to sleep.

The resort, however, was really nice. There were 5 restaurants including a Buffett (my favorite place LOL), the Renova Spa, beaches, pools, parties, bars, and hella fun stuff to do while on the resort. Hella inclusive might I add.

Unlimited Drinks, Unlimited Food, and Unlimited Fun

What to Pack

Here are some things you and your guests should consider bringing:

  1. Passports and Vaccination Cards

  2. Tote Bags or Beach Bags

  3. Shades and scarves (especially if you're going on the yachts, very windy)

  4. Outfits for outdoor activities/indoor activities/swimsuits/party fits/ etc

  5. Sunscreen/Bar Soap/ Toothpaste/ Necessity items like Lysol, sanitizer, and masks

  6. Shoes - Tennis Shoes/ Flip FLops/ Shower Shoes/ etc

  7. Please bring cash at least $114 USD (resort has an atm machine)

What to Do

We booked most of our excursions through a local company called Prime Tours.

We also hired a driver to get around because there was no Uber near the resort.

Day 1 of the trip

Arrive at airport and check-in at Hotel Rui Guanacaste

Visit Monkey Bar

Reserve Covid test

Eat dinner @ resort buffet

Beach Night/Pool Party

Day 2 of the trip

Breakfast @ resort buffett

Private Tour - hot springs, horse back riding, zip lining

Return to hotel and take Covid test

Resort Fun

Dinner @ Resort Restaurant

Night Club/Beach Club

Day 3 of the trip

Breakfast @ resort buffett

Relax at the resort

Sunset Boat Day Party (includes food and drinks) + Tours/Views/ Instagrammable Moments in Costa Rica

Playa del Coco -Zi Lounge (hookah in Costa Rica, food, drinks, karaoke, club vibes)

Day 4 of the trip

Breakfast @ resort buffett

Boat taxi to Playa del Coco Beach

Try the local food and desert Copo

Chill on the resort/relax pool and get massages by the beach

Dinner at Maracuya Beach Club

Day 5 of the trip

Breakfast @ resort buffett

45 min drive to the airport (make sure you eat before at the resort to save money)

Let everyone know you made it home safely and check on the rest of your trip mates.

Have a blast in Costa Rica!

This trip was so much fun and I will return soon. I added more tips, pics, and videos on my YouTube VLOG.

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