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The Cycle of Success + Growth Mindset

You may be taking steps forward in the right direction, but how do you know if you’re actually growing?

Planning for Success

One of the best ways is to chart your progress. Identify every milestone you reach and find a way to keep record of it.

Reaching milestones delivers proof that you’re growing and shows that you can actually change over time.

This also shows that you’re making strides towards achieving your dreams.

Think of this like a positive feedback loop.

Each milestone you reach provides you with more evidence of your growth; this should in turn help you stay motivated to reach your next milestone.

Apple watch has three rings for you to close daily and I personally love seeing that I closed my move, exercise, or stand goal for the day.

It’s helped with my motivation to take breaks because it tracks my progress for me on a big display. You can even add the widget to your phone’s home screen.

Build Your Success Binder, Soon

How do you chart your progress?

In college, we learned a lot about the growth mindset and that encouraged me to create a success binder. It’s been beneficial for my confidence and motivation all these years later.

My clients and mentees that are starting to work with me learn about growth mindset in our very first 1:1 session.

Their “homework” is to start creating their own digital or physical success binder/box/toolkit/file.

You can create one too from scratch by looking on Pinterest or you can swipe a copy of mine.

To begin this exciting project you’ll need to start saving images, screenshots, pdfs, or any files of completed projects you’ve done.

Feel free to include any of your personal/business/work achievements.

You can use this material for motivation when you need it. It offers evidence of how far you’ve come.

Charting Your Progress Is Important Work

Entrepreneurs track their progress indefinitely.

It becomes a habit, and if you really want to adopt a growth mindset, you should try to make this an intentional part of your life and business.

This could look like making time for strategic planning or taking the time to learn new skills and techniques.

Put time on your calendar to set new goals, review your progress, and remind yourself how far you’ve come by referring back to your success file.

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