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How to Find A Therapist in 2023

Here's a quick guide to find a therapist, in-person or virtually. Everyone can benefit from talking with someone outside of their friends and family, and there is nothing wrong with seeking a professional.

Go to Psychology Today and enter your zip code. Therapy for Black Girls also has a directory to assist with finding a provider.

Sort by the insurance they accept, see if they have a sliding scale (their prices for no insurance), their specialty (ptsd, ocd, anxiety, etc)

Email them or call the number and just ask if they’re accepting new clients. If they say no, don't be discouraged, keep reaching out to find a counselor that's available for you.

Also ask if they offer free consultations so you can determine if they are a good fit for you. Most will allow you one introductory session.

P.S. I’m so happy you’re doing this. Sending you love and support on your journey.

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